Monday, April 9, 2012

Project 365 - Week 9

April 2 - April 9
(sort of) 

This was an interesting week because halfway through Jared and I (and Khaira) flew to Vancouver. Kilmeny stayed with Josh and Ariana. And I didn't take that many pictures before we left so there's a little doubling up but hey, it's a journal of real life! 

1. All ready to go with Auntie Ariana, Kilmo cuddled her doll for a precious few seconds so I could get a non-blurry shot. 

2. MacLeods' Bookstore, one of our 'absolutely must visit' stops. We were able to buy a first edition Kilmeny of the Orchard for our Kilmo. Incredible! 

3. Blossoms and blue, blue sky!! Vancouver was such a gift!

4. Khaira, looking a little tired still while we wait for our breakfast. 

5. Our in-flight activities, giraffe for Khaira, coffee and a book for me. 

6. Kilmo is all into making faces for the camera now, especially since you can reverse the camera on my phone and see yourself. 

7. I am all into her adorable flats and pink leggings. She loves them too. And so she wears them a lot. 


  1. Kilmeny's shoes are absolutely adorable!

    1. I *love* little girl shoes, if it weren't for the fact that they grow out of them so fast, I would buy tons of them. As it, I snap up gently used ones whenever I see them. =)



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