Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project 365- Week 8

March 26- April 1

1. We spent a lot of time at Moshers over this week. It is so fun to see Benji interacting with Khaira, she brings out his tender side. 

2. I love how the girls are just chilling in the middle of the kitchen floor with lots of hub-bub all around them. Kilmeny was reading the book to Khaira before she stopped for a little drink. 

3. We spent part of an evening with Yvonne, Avery and Jaylynn delivering a care package and visiting with them. They are such an inspiration to me as they fight with courage and peace. 

4. I created a French dinner menu for Josiah's birthday and helped to plate the salads. It turned out quite well. 

5. Making free form apple tarts.

6. Khaira one night before bed, just before we read Olivia.

7. Making full use of the rotating camera on my phone to get a group shot. Sort of. But I love it. 

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