Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project 365- Week 11

April 16- April 22 

1. I love, love, love the children's library at the downtown library branch. It has the most delightful area for children to play and all sorts of interactive puzzles and games. There's even a fish tank built into the wall. We love going there. Kilmeny made herself right at home this last time we were there, took off her shoes and began playing with the farm animals. 

2. Snuggles on the couch. Love my girls so much. 

3.  First picnic of the year!! Food: Italian Centre, Place: Edmonton's River Valley, Date: April 22, Earth day. Not that we really celebrate Earth Day but it is good to be reminded that the earth is God's and He has placed us here to be stewards of it.

4. Chilling on the couch with my Khaira-baby. Her eyes are so big, so blue, and so expressive.

5. Orange julius with a movie at Moshers on a Saturday night.

6. It was a particularly rough day, the house seemed to be a huge mess, and I was trying to get us all ready to get out the door for Dad M.'s birthday. Kilmo who had been, well, two all day totally turned around and started putting the laundry away for me. I was shocked to tears. She grabbed a big stack of my clothes, and opened my drawers and started stuffing the clean clothes in, all with a big smile on her face. It was priceless and such an encouragement. One of those times where I really felt God leading me gently.

7. Kilmeny having her second cake pop of her life. We normally just get her water at Starbucks, I don't want to get in the habit of always getting her something so that it stays a special treat when we do get it. It is so fun sharing these moments with her, her eyes were so big and she kept saying 'special treat, Mummy, very special treat.'

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