Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 365 - Week 4

The Lovely Ordinary. Simple Beauty. Moments Captured. 

1. Khaira is such a sparkly baby, her big eyes are full of light and sparkles when she's happy which is most of the time. I feel blessed. 

2. I took some time to finally make Kilmeny's deepest wish (on that day) come true. We went sledding on the perfect sledding hill just across the street. She was delighted. 

3. Authors, the game of choice when my younger sisters in law come over. They baby sat for us on the weekend and spent the night so we could have some girl time of shopping, a tea party at which we ate tons of scones and giggled, and played Authors. It was a good day. 

4. Jared's brother had a birthday and we got to share in the cake and well wishes. A late night but totally worth it. 

5. An unexpected gift-time at Starbucks without my girls. I had to deliver a food order and a friend was watching my sleeping girlies. I was early for the delivery and got to enjoy a salted caramel mocha and people watch. Lovely. 

6. Middle of the winter blahs are made much better by fun food. 

7. Khaira is definitely sitting up now, by herself and very happy to be doing so.

 Enjoy your weekend, friends! All the lovely, messy, and unexpected moments.

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