Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Counting the Gifts


short nights with a stuffed up little baby

lots of cuddle time during the night and the day

a toddler who keeps me moving all day long

the way she laughs and loves to help me with everything

the look of satisfaction and delight as she cracked yet more eggs "help you, Mummy!"

the vocabulary that is increasing on a daily basis for my Kilmo-girl

the humbling realization that I have two little people constantly watching me

my husband's grace when I'm short on patience and sleep

a community Valentine's party 

a chance to dress up and go out together

family close by to watch our little ones

 Starbucks coffee on a Sunday morning

stimulating conversation

seeing smiles through grief and hurt

a blue rose for all the reality and the romance of the life we share together from my warrior-poet

worship and letting everything else fade away 




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