Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kilmeny Turns Two!!

 My little Kilmo-girl turned two! We got to celebrate with Jared's family which was very special. It was, as everything else was this Christmas, a rather low-key party as even the birthday girl wasn't her usual exuberant self but it was a celebration. From the day she was born, it's been very important to me to make Kilmeny's day a special day not just leftover from Christmas which being right after Christmas can be a bit of a challenge. Kilmeny had no clue what was going until the cupcakes came out and she blew out the candles. 
Now if you ask her if she is two, she replies with 'birfday' and will probably start singing Happy Birthday.

Fairy cakes made by my mother-in-law. This was very special to me. I really wanted to make these for Kilmeny's birthday but spent the whole day sick on the couch. Jared's mom stepped in and had all kinds of fun making these. Aren't they darling?

When Kilmeny heard the title of this book, Grandma Loves You, she started kissing the cover. So cute!


  1. Ahhh! Sweet pictures. :) Can you believe you have a two year old?!!!

  2. No, I can't believe it! =) Sometimes she seems so much older, it surprises me but then she's back to being my little girl.

  3. Replies
    1. I love how Jared captured it, especially the cupcake pictures!



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