Friday, November 18, 2011

lately we've been busy...

... doing a little winter decorating

.... a little snuggling on the couch, enjoying the (sometimes!) quieter pace of winter 

....a lot of coffee drinking

....because someone's been doing a lot of growing and changing (and because we can't stop talking or creating at night....)

...a little crocheting and lots of 'helping' mummy while mummy learns patience and grace

What have you been doing lately? =)


  1. :o) Love it! Hopey and I have been "knitting" together. Their curiosity and desire to be "just like Mommy" amazes and blesses me.

  2. Oh yes, Erin. I am constantly amazed at how much Kilmeny picks up and how much she just wants to be with me and like me. =)



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