Wednesday, October 26, 2011

we went on a photoshoot

One of the best bits about being married to a photographer is that your family camera is really, really nice. And I can use it whenever I want too. Unless he is using it. Or all the cards are full from weddings/family shoots and there is no way I want to check to make sure they are all downloaded and re-format the cards before heading out for a walk with my girlies. 

We actually have two cameras. The second one is called my camera. It's a Canon point and shoot and fits in my purse or the pocket of the ergo. It's perfect for for packing around anywhere and most of our together pictures are taken with it simply because it's a lot easier to whip out when we're out. And it does the trick. It captures the moment and saves the memory. But sometimes a little more is nice.

A couple of weeks ago, we booked ourselves a photo shoot. Jared was using a friend's studio to do a shoot and since we had the studio all day and he wanted to get used to the set up, so we did some family pictures. 
I love them. And I think you will too. I couldn't pick which ones to put in this post so I'm going to do a couple posts with the pictures. 



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