Wednesday, October 19, 2011

tears and a tea party

It was one of those days. You know the ones- where lunch and nap time can't come soon fast, where the toddler cries and cries and then the baby joins in, where you think quite cynically about the whole 'sleep when your baby sleeps' because your babies aren't sleeping in tandem and hardly ever do. The kind of day where you creep to your toddler's door because she's finally quiet only to see her clad in nothing at all, finger painting her crib, her self and the walls with the remains of her dirty diaper. 

The day all of a sudden seems very long. And all you want to do is turn around and go out the front door and have someone else clean it all up, soothe the children and make a hot cup of tea. 

But you're the mom. So you stay. You wipe down the crib, the walls, and the little girl. You bring the baby  in the room to join in the clean up party. And you laugh at the utter craziness of it all.

You put the kettle on for tea. And set up a tea party for your little girl and her Pooh Bear. And you snap the shutter while she is in total enjoyment over her tea things.

There wasn't any nap for anyone that day. Well, except Khaira who sleeps almost anywhere and through anything. But it was such a good day. Another golden day to be remembered. I stopped and stared at my little Khaira-baby who is growing and changing so much. I said 'yes' to my Kilmo-girl and let her have milk in a little cup at her table. And I loved it all. 

I chose to love it all. 
The tiredness. 
The mess. 
The constant needs to be met.

I don't always do. 
Sometimes we all cry and through my tears, I'm asking for grace and strength and the ability to be a mum to my little girls. And somehow we all make it through the day.


  1. Sweet thoughts, Breanne dear! ((hugs))

    The little 'unclothed' painting incident you mentioned happened many times in our home! :-P

    Kilmeny is looking so big!

  2. I laughed so hard when I read this!!! the twins have done that so many times that I finally had to resort to duck taping their dipers so they couldn't undo them!! :P

  3. Getting teary! Thanks for posting - exactly what I needed to hear this morning :)

  4. Sarah relates very well and I do somewhat as well. While we've been fortunate to avoid the finger-painting episodes, there are some days just as frustrating.



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