Wednesday, October 12, 2011

snippets of words

 Where does one begin writing again after an absence? A play-by-play of all the events and experiences since the last entry? A brief hello before ducking away again? Or just jumping right in and letting the words be as long or as short as they need to be (or as soon as the toddler awakes)?

There have been so many experiences this past while, many moments that cause me to wish I could freeze time, many smiles, many tears...its been a beautiful, crazy time of adjusting to life as a foursome, figuring out how to be a mom of two littles and focusing on what is important each day. I think we're figuring out this dance and it feels so good.


We spent some time in the mountains, we flew across the country, we visited friends and family, my husband shot his cousin's wedding, we drove through perfect autumn days. We stopped at one of the great lakes and made the most of a brief hour. 

We came home. We read stories, we play with blocks, we snuggle, we feed the baby, we take walks soaking up autumn before winter comes. We have messy floors, unwashed dishes and scattered toys. And I am learning again to live in this moment, to be happy and to focus on what is important each day.


  1. Good for you! That has and will be my lesson for this year... to slow down and enjoy each moment rather than cramming them full. You are such an inspiration to me to slow down and enjoy life!

    Love ya!

  2. Loved the pictures and the glimpse into your recent doings! And wow, does Khaira ever have her daddy's eyes! :)

  3. Love these wonderful, happy and sunshiny pictures. :-) Sending you a big hug from Australia and wishing you many, many happy and peaceful days. :-)



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