Thursday, October 27, 2011


22 months old and full of personality. 
You make me catch my breath with how cute you are and I pray for grace to keep up with you.
Your big eyes are full of life and sparkle
You adore Khaira, Mummy and Daddy and your shoes. 
(I adore Daddy, Khaira, you and your shoes too)
You love to run and run or to swing and slide. You love your clothes and often want to change them several times a day. And you love being all cozy on the couch with Mummy and stack of books.
Your latest words are 'sure, chocolate, crying, sleeping, coffee and pumpkin' At least for today. You are a little mimic and are fast amassing a large vocabulary.


Trying to stay still and be happy and trying to pose just like Mummy....

A vintage Kilmeny look. Sweet and slightly mischievous.

I love you Kilmo-doll. You make my life rich.



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