Friday, June 10, 2011

living unplugged unconciously

Hello friends! 

I'm just popping in to say a brief hi and I've missed you. Our computer decided to give up on us this last week and so we have been living the life of the unplugged. It's actually been rather interesting and I will have lots to share once the computer comes back from the shop. But in the meantime, we're not really online at all except for brief forays like this when I borrow my sister's computer. 

I hope you all are well and enjoying this fabulous early summer! 


  1. I HAVE missed you! I hope all is well and we can catch up soon!

  2. I wondered where you went! :-) I've missed you and your cheery posts. :-) Hope to see you back soon!

  3. Just needing to pick up the computer now after several delays on the shop's end...sigh...oh well, a working computer will be worth it.



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