Monday, May 2, 2011

a tea party and the counting of moments

 leftover cookies for afternoon tea

espresso mugs for little hands

memories of our overseas wedding trip in Starbucks mugs

a little girl who communicates very well in sign language, 'more tea, please'

refreshing break to stop and have tea and soak up the moment in the midst of a busy weekend

late night decorating for a surprise party

uncles who love their little niece

Sunday breakfast with fresh muffins

my husband's beautiful performance of the Bruch concerto with orchestra

a full choir and orchestra performing hymns in an old church

pulling off a successful surprise birthday party 

watching emotion on people's faces

having a new appreciation for the family I married into 

refreshing chats with other moms 

enjoying Riverdance with my husband, sister and brother-in-law

late night conversations and laughter

latte art and chocolate cranberry cookies

being able to vote

warm spring weather

my husband's love and the way he serves me


  1. The little mug made me smile....and then smile again when I saw Kilmeny holding it. Adorableness! :)

  2. such excellent gifts Breanne! I was so sorry we couldn't see the concert!

  3. Beautiful, my friend. I'm SO glad you have such a trove of good memories. :-)



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