Tuesday, April 26, 2011

gifts from the weekend

long weekends spent with family 
music that makes me cry
hot bowls of soup at 11 pm 
talking with my Mom
leisurely brunch on a Friday morning 
my brother's coffee 
walking through trees and through touristy towns as one big family, all 15 of us!

crowding a chocolate shop and sharing our purchases
dark chocolate, cashews and caramel 
free Starbucks because it was Earth Day
window shopping with my sister

my Dad's barbecued burgers 
watching my brothers interact with my daughter and how they all love it
discussions on everything with everyone's opinions being voiced
late night outing to our favorite Mexican place 
hot baths and clean sheets 
fresh, crisp mountain air
being all together as a family and how that is all that really matters 
watching my younger brothers grow up and become men 
coming home to our own little hobbit hole



  1. Oh girl, you make me smile so big and wish I could give you the squeeziest of hugs. :-)

  2. Thank-you, Ashley, it really was. =)

    You make me smile, Krista, and I would so give you a big hug back. I'm smiling big now, thank-you!



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