Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days like today....

....are perfect for spending with friends who greet you with warm hellos and ' I'm so glad to see you'
  for impromptu picnics on the kitchen floor and making silly faces
 for making homemade pitas to go with homemade hummus 

 for snuggles on the couch while the mamas visit over coffee
for sharing the latest discoveries on a food journey and knowing you're not the only 'weird' one
for colorful bead bracelets made just for you
for little people playing and giggling together

 for the quiet of naptime and conversation over lunch
for sunshine and green grass 
for playgrounds to explore
for things that are a little overwhelming and others that are safe and known 

for encouragement and a kindred spirit
for tangible gifts
for friendship


  1. oh you know I loved this post!!!!
    have a wonderful trip this weekend my friend!!!!

  2. Sounds lovely... :-) And, while the details of our 'journeys' may or may not be different, I can completely relate to the thrill of 'food discoveries'. Devouring my Super Baby foods book, pouring over my Simply in Season cookbook, making up spreadsheets/reading voraciously on water-soluble vitamins, adding flax to everything, designing my own multi-grain cereals... yeah, I'm feelin' the thrill, girlfriend... :-D :-D



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