Friday, April 29, 2011

31 cents to make a Memory

Last night we ate dessert first. It was ice-cream and it was really good. And it only cost us 31 cents a scoop. We made a really special memory. And that is priceless.

It all started with doing a little online research to find coupons in our area. I stumbled across a promotion that Baskin Robbins was doing to raise money for firefighters. A worthy cause and one that I can totally support. 

Supper was in the slow cooker, a hearty soup that wasn't quite hot enough, slow cookers are great but only if you start them soon enough. So instead of waiting on the slow cooker and then going for ice-cream, we decided to go get ice-cream and then come back to hot soup. 

We drove to the nearest Baskin Robbins which wasn't so near us after all but it gave our little girl a pre-dinner nap and gave us time to talk together. We're gearing up for a big concert that Jared is playing on Sunday which means a lot of late nights spent practicing. We take the moments that we have to  connect and make the most of them. 

Kilmeny and I checked out a bookstore while Jared stood in line for the ice-cream. We joined him in line after Kilmeny started gleefully taking the books off the shelves rather then sitting and looking at the books quietly. 

We got our ice-cream and sat enjoying the creamy treat, sharing licks with Kilmeny. Smiling at each other. Loving being us. Together.


  1. that's so cute, I love Kilmeny's face in those last pictures!

  2. Oooh, you did that! I saw the promo, but we ended up deciding not to go up to Red Deer for icecream... :-) Looks delightful, though!



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