Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Things That Make Me Smile

Thing 1: Simply the Best Milkshake. Ever. The perfect combination of flavors and texture. Enjoyed at a funky French cafe downtown Vancouver made it even better.

 Thing 2: Spunky yellow daffodil in a pot of bright spring flowers. Oh, how I love spring!

Thing 3: Fun, quirky shops that one finds as one goes exploring. This was the umbrella shop, nothing there but umbrellas of every shape, size, pattern and price tag. Oh and a lovely couch. I would love a couch like this someday, perhaps in my morning room...


  1. Breanne, these things made me smile too!
    how is it going this morning, and how is the moving situation??????
    I'll try to call you later this morning, You are in my prayers and on my heart!!!!!

  2. funky, spunky, & quirky! :-P

  3. That couch is perfect!! :-) And an umbrella shop? That makes me smile too. :-)



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