Friday, February 11, 2011

others' words

I have bits and pieces to share, words that aren't quite strung together, random pictures from my week but I don't know how yet to put them all together. So, today, instead of my words, I wanted to share with you the words of others. I have long been inspired by these writers of words, each for a different reason, and each has helped me on my journey. Because sometimes the burden is heavy and we all need a Sam to come alongside. 
We need each other to remind us of beautiful things, of the taste of strawberries with sugar and cream, of green grass and soft summer breezes. 

Her honest writing and pictures of beaty make me want to do the same but honesty and openess isn't always easy yet it is needed for growth. 
I so echo her words in this post- reviving a beautiful life- yes and yes. 
My heart's prayer this morning was for this, a fulfilled life and how to find the fulfillment that I know is to be had.


  1. Lovely posts, all four of them! :)

  2. I'm teary after reading your post and those of your friends, Breanne. I'm sorry you're going through a rough time right now. I sure understand as these last two weeks have been so painful, emotionally gutting, and scary. Trying very hard each day to find something good to be grateful for, look forward to, take comfort in. Wishing hope and courage for you too. :-)

  3. Here's a little cheer up for you my friend, I nominated you for a "stylish blogger award" cause really I just love this space so much!!!!!

    see you tommorow!



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