Friday, February 18, 2011

little girls in red coats

I realized I haven't done a Kilmo post in quite awhile. When we lived in Montreal, I tried to do posts on just my Kilmo-girl fairly often for all our family who didn't get to see her. Now we're back in Alberta and very close to one family, a little closer to the other family and I still take pictures. We went for a walk in the brief warm snap we had last week, Kilmeny didn't want to come inside. So we played on the deck, with the cat and the dog and the camera.

 The face she gives when she's excited and a little nervous at just how close that cat is approaching.
 She's just getting over her phobia of all animals and finds them very interesting now as long as they keep their distance. She now growls at all animals or any pictures of animals or at you, if she thinks you are at all resembling an animal.
This coat and boots are some of our only purchases for her wardrobe. Both were a bit too big when I bought them but I knew she would grow into them and they were just too cute and both were bought for a few dollars.


  1. absolutely adorable, and I think that's too funny that she growls at the animals! SO cute!

  2. That red coat is adorable. I love it! And her, too ;)



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