Thursday, February 17, 2011


It all began with a simple comment. 
"I've been reading your blog for awhile and enjoyed it. I went to church with your husband when we were all children. I'm a blogger as well, here's mine."

Or something like that. I checked out her blog and knew we were kindred spirits. Since then I read her blog and felt like I had found a new friend. And when you're across the country and don't know a lot of people, if any, in the city you live, new friends are nice. I got to know some of her passions, saw pictures of her cute kids and was inspired by all her craftiness.We've followed each other's blogs and when we moved back into the area, knew we had to get together. 

That happened last Sunday night. Over delicious heart-shaped pizza and coffee and monkey bread, we talked and talked until it was very late and we knew that we simply must do it again. And may I just say that her kids are just as cute in real life and Kilmeny loved being around them, a definite plus!

This dear friend gave me a blog award and so to properly accept it, I must tell you about her blog(gladly!), share some things about me and recommend some other blogs. 

So, her blog is The Homemade Life and I heartily recommend it. 

Some things about me:
 1. I'm Irish in background and have the temper to go with it, a flare up and then it's often gone. I don't have red hair though. But I do have green eyes.

2.  I'm not really fond of cats, I like the idea of one purring by the fire but they don't stay by the fire and aren't always cute. 

3. My favorite color is green. 

4. I love having my husband's camera to use and practice on. 

5. Chocolate is a nice thing, in small doses of good quality. 

6. I love reading and journaling by lamplight.

7. I am really looking forward to spring. 

8. I love to cook. 

9. Interior decorating is fast becoming an interest of mine. 

10. I love to learn. 
And now, some blogs that I recommend. (sorry I don't have the html for the cool little button!) 

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  1. Breanne, you have no idea how much this made my day! lol!
    btw, what does this next week look like for you?



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