Monday, December 6, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

Our street is covered with snow. The little red berries in the backyard are all wearing little caps of snow. The snow catches the light from our neighbors' Christmas lights and throws the glitter into the night. 
Our house is one of the few houses that has no decorations, outside or inside. We've got piles of stuff and boxes instead of evergreen garlands and twinkle lights. I haven't filled tins with buttery shortbread or decadent fudge. And we haven't had a sip of eggnog yet. But that's not our fault. It's not in the grocery stores and the staff had no idea what we were talking about. (this is a not so subtle hint to my family to stock up on eggnog!)
It's a different December for us. After living in the East for the past eight months as part of our pursuit of a musical dream, we're moving back to Alberta for the next step in the journey. I read about others' decorating, baking, celebrating Advent and picking out their Christmas tree and I enjoy it all. It's just not what we're doing this year and there is a strange freedom that comes with that. We're playing Christmas music, lighting candles (until they got packed), buying Christmas gifts. It's pretty simple around here.

Sunday evening found us wandering at one of Quebec's Christmas Markets. It's styled after European Christmas Markets and there are only a couple such markets outside of Europe. They are, surprise, surprise, located in Quebec. It was beautiful. The carols filled the air and the Christmas lights were everywhere. There was even a train that ran throughout the stalls. I took my daughter out of her carseat, all bundled in her white snowsuit and twirled with her in the moonlight because it was a beautiful night and we were making a Christmas memory.

Just like Mary and Joseph centuries ago, we're making a trek. Back to our homeland. We're not totally sure of what the future holds, we have dreams and hopes. And we have trust in our Father God Who is always faithful. Always trustworthy. Always our Provider.

102- 121
Hot tea with milk and honey 
Sleeping baby girl 
 A.A. Milne's stories of a boy and his bear
my baby girl loving her daddy 
God's faithfulness again and again 
quiet snow-covered street 
Christmas music and the truth contained in it 
emails from friends 'yes, let's get together' 
my man loving me and our little girl 
simplicity of life 
snow sparkles 
my violinist husband who never ceases to inspire and encourage me 
photo memories 
my Nana 

dark chocolate with almonds 

security of home 




  1. Your lists of thankfulness are always so encouraging and inspiring! I love all the "little things" you include!
    And your Christmas plans sound strangely familiar.... :P

  2. your list and your situation surrounding christmas struck a cord with me as i'm likely facing my last christmas in alberta...leaving my homeland behind in a sense. an odd state to be in during the holiday season, but i am finding that writing out a gratitude list somehow helps...

    may you have a wonderful christmas season as you focus on Him.

  3. I understand a little bit. I won't be home for Christmas or New Year's so my house is filled with stacks and boxes instead of decorations. Like you I'm so enjoying other people's beautiful things. SO proud of you guys for pursuing your dream, for being so brave to pick up and move whenever you need to, for searching out the beauties in each area you life. Wonderful. :-)



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