Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Landlord

We've really enjoyed living in your house. It was a perfect provision from our Father for us and we've spent almost four months making it our home in Montreal. 

 I feel though, that I should apologize for your plants. I watered them faithfully and tried to keep my little explorer daughter away from them. Really I didn't do anything different than what you said but they are both looking a little droopy. I hope they don't completely die before you come back. They're very nice and I did enjoy having lush green foliage in our front room. 

I loved your maple tree. The brilliant orange of its leaves against the blue, blue sky changing to stark branches against the moonlit night. If I could take it with me, I would. 

Your lamp in your living room delighted me from the first time I turned it on. The soft glow shining through the stained glass panels provided an excellent atmosphere for cozy evenings on the couch where we would read, or watch movies or just talk. 

And of course, your stairwell light. Oh my. It captivated both my small daughter and I. The panels of colored glass that threw out prisms of light on the ceiling and walls. The bronze chain holding the light in place  added to the charm and uniqueness of the piece and it never failed to delight me when I would go up the stairs. 

We were happy in that little house of yours. Happy, sad, mad, frustrated, anxious, excited - all kinds of emotions were experienced here. Many conversations. Many hugs. Many giggles and smiles. Many memories were made.    

me on behalf of us three   


  1. this was a really clever post and such a nice way of capturing the memories of the time in your Montreal home!



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