Monday, October 4, 2010

stress and thankfulness

"Do you lose a lot of hair?" My stylist asked as she ran her fingers through my hair assessing it before she trimmed it. 
"Yes, I do."
"It could be stress", she said. "That is often the cause of hair loss."

"Well, I had a baby and we just moved so yeah, there's been some stress in my life." I gave her the short answer. But as she continued running her fingers through my hair and preparing to trim it, I smiled thinking back over the last nine months. I had noticed that I was losing more hair then was normal for me after I washed it but just chalked it up to having a baby and all the changes that come after that event. But when she said stress, I knew that's what it was. 

We've had a baby, switched careers, moved twice, driven across the country (almost literally), my family's house burned down for the second time, I had a trip to emergency, and we have made the choice to pursue a dream that requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. 

But we are incredibly blessed. All those 'stressful' situations have only brought about thankfulness, a greater awareness of Who God is and the fact that He is present in the details of our life. 

Kilmeny is such a little doll. She charms everyone she sees, even random strangers on the subway and she continually makes us smile and marvel at what she is trying to do next. She will walk soon. I'm sure of it. This summer I got to live just a drive away from one of my closest friends and got to see her every week. It was such a delight to be so close to her and see her as a wife and a mom. I also got to see another dear friend, because we were living out here and she was just a day's drive away. My family's house, well, I don't know about that. I know God has a purpose for it and I find it hard at times still. But they have a beautiful home that they are now living in and God has been so faithful to them. 

Pursuing music is something that we decided to do together, back in New Zealand. We had several pivotal conversations with friends and by ourselves that led to this choice. And though it's not the easiest thing in the world, making a dream reality is never easy, it has been a rewarding pursuit. 

There have been so many special moments and memories that I have added to my golden box. Seeing all our grandparents and introducing Kilmeny to them. Spending time with family and relatives. Celebrating the birth of two darling little nephews and anticipating the birth of another little one this month. Being stretched and seeing God provide in amazing ways. 

I don't go around every day with a huge smile on my face and just basking in the goodness of God. I get frustrated. I get upset. I wonder. I worry. But ultimately, I am thankful. And I do smile. I'm living life and I'm enjoying the ride. Because we won't ever be here again and I want to soak it all up, even the hard parts. 

Oh and my hair stylist said there was lots of hair regrowth happening so that's another good thing. =)      


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  1. I know those moments...wondering why there are symptoms of stress and then it dawning on me it could be because my life is absolutely crazy!

    Isn't it amazing what we can smile through - even consider "normal"? God has really given us each "grace for what we face".
    Jenny :)



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