Friday, September 3, 2010

our house

This is a long post. It has lots of pictures with explanations. If you are not that interested in taking a virtual tour of our house, I'd suggest you not read any further. If however, you are interested, read on and then leave a comment telling me what you think of this place. =) 
The street on which we live, I love all the trees and am so looking forward to autumn here! 

Do come in! 
Through the front entry into our hall. The stairs are to your immediate right, the living room is to the left and the kitchen is straight ahead. The stairs to the basement are just before the kitchen. We are loving the space here! And I am loving my kitchen! Oh, it is so much fun to cook and create with lots of space and dishes. I counted at least 6 springform pans in the cupboard! =) We went shopping on our first day here and Jared added the sunflowers to our cart. I love the beauty of the flowers and the brightness they give and I love that my man got them for me!

  Our Starbucks collection is growing! We just have one stipulation, we must buy the mug in person from the city. We got our New York mug in a Starbucks right off Times Square. Every mug has memories.

 The back door that leads onto a little porch and into the backyard. There is also a clothesline off the porch. 

 The backyard with its little patch of rhubarb!

Back in the house now, this is the little nook off the kitchen and is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house. It's where I'm sitting as I type, the chair where I feed Kilmeny when Jared is on the computer and we talk about our goals and desires. The room that is perfect for Kilmeny to play in, pulling herself up on chairs or quietly playing with her books. And the room where I will scrapbook and work on other projects on table to the left of the chair. 
 The living room. This is open to the nook making it all bright and airy yet private. 
Our landlord is a regional manager of a tour company in Cuba and the Carribean so a lot of the art has a Cuban flair.
Up the stairs we go! They give the satisfying creak of old stairs and will be great for Kilmeny to learn how to do stairs in a few months. =)
Our bedroom with the first dresser we've had in our married life. I love the orange wall and the vintage red phone. =)
Kilmeny's bedroom. She would be happy to move if any of you were to come visit.
Or you could stay here in the other bedroom that remains vacant all the time. ;-)
 The bathroom complete with a tub and a window that opens and lots of fluffy towels. The little things that delight me. =) 

 Let's go back downstairs, shall we? All the way to the basement...

 After a summer of doing laundry at the laundromat or a friend's house, I love having our own set. Although I will miss the visits with my dear Liz, a lot.
 And Jared's practice area, the coolest place in the house. Yup, he is that cool. ;-)
And there you have it. Our little home sweet home in Montreal. Thanks for visiting! =) All the pictures are courtesy of my amazing husband who is also an amazing photographer, just wait till you see the other pictures from New York and Philly! =)


  1. I love your new place! So glad you have a well-stocked kitchen and plenty of space for Kilmeny to learn to crawl! The neighborhood looks so pretty and quiet...and I love the orange walls with the red phone, too. :) A total change from Hamilton, it seems...can't wait to hear about all your new adventures!

  2. I wondered where you were going to live...So glad that you found such a nice place. It is ure nice for you to have a little yard, a clothes line (!), bright windows and privacy. :)
    Thanks for the tour.

  3. Aww, it's so cute! :) Loved seeing all the pics! :)

  4. I positively love it! I love how you've made it "you" in spite of not all the furnishings being yours. :) I wish I could visit you there, your post made me miss you that much more!

  5. So beautiful!! I also love airy space and the little things that make life special! :-)



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