Monday, August 23, 2010

sushi at sapporo

When we first came to Hamilton, we were given a list of favorite restaurants by the orchestra manager. One Sunday after church we decided to go out for lunch. So we grabbed the list and looked through the options. Sapporo Japanese Restaurant stood out. So we went. And we've been back. It was one of those places that we 'had to go again before we left'. The service is great, the food is very tasty, the presentation of the food is impeccable and the atmosphere is nice. And we always have really good talks with each other when we were there. It's buffet so you just order which dish you want off the menu and they bring it to you. They keep your tea 'clothed' and recommend which sushi is good to try. I like it because you can have one piece of sushi to try it then order more if you like it. 

We often start with their soup. It is so tasty. This was the spicy beef udon soup and it was spicy! I downed a couple mugs of tea while eating the soup. But it was good! 

Jared went with a noodle dish that looked really tasty. 

 Grilled salmon and asparagus! The salmon was wrapped around the asparugus spears and then drizzled with a sauce. Delish! 

The real reason we came- sashimi and sushi! I actually tried some sashimi this time and it was okay, not one of my favorites. It's just a mental thing of eating raw fish! I love the sushi though, so yummy dipped in a bit of soy sauce. 

Kilmeny was happy for about half the meal, then the restaurant began filling up and she was getting more and more tired. So we took turns holding her and entertaining her. Jared is reading her favorite book to her, only he made up a story based on the pictures which of course made me laugh which made me eat even slower. =) 
The other reason why we go here! Their ice-cream is the perfect cap on a sushi meal and is served in such lovely bowls. 

All snuggly and ready for bed! Reading her book again. =) 

It was a lovely evening out, it even rained which made our little apartment all cozy and the lamplight shine brighter and the blankets warmer. 

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  1. I love reading your updates, makes me feel a little more informed on the world :-) Kilmeny is getting cuter, and so much bigger. Time flies ;-)

    As for Sushi and Sashimi, you'll have to tell Jared that even though I'm in Taiwan, I don't think I will ever be hungry enough to try it. There are lots of other things I would resort to, first. I find it rather odd that you would go out to a restaurant to eat the stuff, but I'm glad it makes you guys happy :-)



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