Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Life

 I had wanted to write about our daily life, the little things that make up the days for us in Hamilton, what we do each day so that you all could get an idea of what our life is like but that never happened. Life just keeps rolling along and you've got to hang on for the ride. 
I'm taking a break from everything that needs to be done right now and writing on here because I won't be on here really at all for awhile. Tomorrow morning, at a very early hour, we are flying back home to Alberta for a much anticipated visit with our families. We'll be there for a week, visiting both families and Jared will be shooting a wedding so it will be a busy, crazy, wonderful time. I can't wait. 
There is much to write about and pictures to put up but I simply don't have time. We had three days off this past weekend and got to spend a lot of time together. We went to Niagara Falls one day and drove to Montreal the next. It was crazy. But that's kind of the story of our life. We love it. We may not have what other people have and we may get flack for what we do but we have memories and experiences that few other people do. And I am so thankful for them. 
  Now back to sorting and packing clothes, washing the floor and dishes and all those little things that must be done before one travels. 
Enjoy your day, friends, all those moments that make up your life! 

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  1. Haha! I love Kilmeny in the last picture, she's so cute and funny! Have fun with Mom and Dad, and the family, and the Moshers! I'm so glad you can do this, going "home" is always such a wonderful thing! :)



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