Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to My Kitchen

I made jam today. It was a first time experience of making jam with a baby. It was interesting and for the most part very enjoyable. Kilmeny was quite happy until it came time to put the jam in the jars. She started fussing, the jam was boiling, the lids were boiling and the jars were hot. I charged ahead and she quieted down. I walked her through the jam making process just like my Mom did to me, when I was younger. I'll wait till she can actually reach the stove top before handing her the baton completely.

 I had planned to pick the raspberries myself. I had found a farm near here and headed out to go berry picking. On the way to the farm, I saw another farm that was closer. I decided to go to that one instead. It just so happened that the u-pick was closed but the lady had a flat of freshly picked and sorted berries that she sold me for exactly the price I was planning on spending. Yay! I spent the time browsing Chapters instead of picking berries. =)

Raspberries are such familiar, nostalgia-inducing,sunshine-tasting berries.

The jars. All washed and ready to be filled. 

If you look carefully, you can actually see two white teeth on her bottom gum. =) My happy little kitchen helper.

I ate raspberries. She had a whisk.


Filling the jars. The tea will be served with the jam and scones and clotted cream at a later date. 

All done. I'm so proud of my little jam jars. Don't they look great?

 Oh, heavens. That child can really move. Someone should tell her mother that she can get out of her exersaucer. Okay, she can't really get out of the exersaucer. She was on the floor and moved herself over to investigate from another angle.

Thank-you for visiting. My kitchen is now clean, my baby is sleeping and my man is home from rehearsal. Life is sweet. 

What are your favorite summer preserves? 


  1. Oh yummy! It's been forever since we've made jam! My favorite preserves: I love strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. But it HAS to completely pureed... I cannot stand "guts"--chunks of fruit :-P

  2. I love the look of freshly made jam in glass jars! Where did you get your jars from? And your canner? I'm very impressed! :) That's great that you're doing that, I haven't done any canning at all yet....I have yet to acquire some of the necessities for the task. :)

  3. Laura, you are hilarious! Jared doesn't really like 'guts' either but I don't mind them so my jam is somewhere in the middle. =)
    Caleigh, I got the jars at the grocery store. They are so cute. =) And you don't need a canner for jam, I just used one of the bigger pots here. ;-)

  4. Your jam looks very yummy - raspberry is my favorite!
    I love the color of you kitchen - it just suits you. :)



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